About Homeworld

Frequently asked questions

How does HomeWorld work?

HomeWorld currently has four locations and has been developed to be a destination where the public can come and walk through the latest new homes, look at a range of floor plans and innovative designs, and talk directly with leading competitive builders.

Our aim in developing these display locations is to help you discover all of your options so that you can make a confident choice when you build your new home.

At HomeWorld no appointment is necessary, you simply drive up, park you car then walk through the different homes.

Once you are at HomeWorld you will discover a large variety of builders showcasing their unique designs and floor plans across a broad range of budgets.

It is for this reason we confidently say start your new home journey with us today.

Does HomeWorld have any duplex on display?

Currently we do not have any duplex on display at our Sydney location.

As the market is now seeking more duplex housing options you will find that many of the builders across all of our four locations are now designing and building duplex homes. We therefore recommend you come out to HomeWorld, walk through the homes, find what you like, then talk directly to the builders sales teams (who are on site) about what duplex living options they may have/or may have in the future.

Does HomeWorld sell land?

HomeWorld are responsible for the development, management and running of the display locations. HomeWorld therefore does not sell land.

Does HomeWorld have house/land packages?

The individual builders within HomeWorld will be able to help you with what house/land packages are available across Sydney/NSW. HomeWorld itself does not manage any house/land packages, that is the builders’ responsibility/business.

Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm