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Ichijo Homes

Ichijo Homes

At ICHIJO we are passionate about providing a dream, a special place for families to grow and play, a place to capture some of the greatest memories with the ones that are close, and more than anything building a home that puts our clients wellbeing first with our range of 6, 7 & 8 STAR Healthy Homes.

This passion gives us pride in our honest approach to building homes as professionals, which has been the cornerstone of Ichijo’s philosophy. Our philosophy is based on striving to achieve 3 simple things:

> For our clients to feel: “We are delighted that we have built our home with ICHIJO”
> For our contractors to feel: “We are happy that we are dealing with ICHIJO”
> For our employees to feel: “I am pleased that I work for ICHIJO”

With this philosophy, what began over 35 years ago has now successfully grown to become a global company, employing over 23,000 people and constructing over 12,000 houses per year worldwide.”

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Ichijo Homes - Ichijo Design Centre

Ichijo Design Centre
  • Bedrooms x4
  • Bathrooms x3
  • Garage x2
  • Stairs x2

Display Location(s):Kellyville

The Ichijo Design Centre is currently under construction at HomeWorld Kellyville. Once complete you’ll be able to visit us and explore all of our wonderful designs in the one location as well as visit our three completed display homes.

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