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Fairmont Homes (NSW)

Fairmont Homes (NSW)

Fairmont Homes (NSW) Pty Ltd has been a family owned and operated business since it’s inception in 2000.
We have carefully picked a highly experienced team and have built a strong reputation over this time throughout Sydney as a builder of custom-luxury residences & project homes. We now operate display homes in Sydney & Wollongong regions

At Fairmont Homes (NSW) we take pride in our customer-oriented approach to business and our confidence in constructing projects that require fine detail and excellence in workmanship.

We have been recognised with 34 awards at both the HIA & MBA Awards Ceremonies ranging from Best Display Home Under $200,000 to Best Contract Home Over $1 million. Our success can be showcased above including Winner of the Master Builders Association Regional Builder of the Year and HIA Finalist for Professional Medium Builder of the Year 2016

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  • 2 display homes
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Fairmont Homes (NSW) - Balmoral 42

Balmoral 42
  • Bedrooms x5
  • Bathrooms x3
  • Garage x2
  • Stairs x2
  • Width x13
  • Depth x22.745

Display Location(s):Leppington

Fairmont Homes (NSW) - Parkview 27

Parkview 27
  • Bedrooms x4
  • Bathrooms x3
  • Garage x1
  • Stairs x2
  • Width x8.15
  • Depth x21

Display Location(s):Leppington

Open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm