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Add some WOW to a sloping block home

Add some WOW to a sloping block home

May 15, 2019

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to homes built on an uneven piece of land.

While at first glance, building on a sloping block might seem like a challenge, there are plenty of reasons that make it worth your while. For example, sloping blocks often allow you to take advantage of views and natural ventilation, as well as add an extra element of creativity to your home.

Here’s some food for thought to add some extra zing to a home built on a sloping block.

Go with the flow

Keep in mind how you’ll maximise the flow of your new home. If the living areas are spread across multiple levels, opting for open-plan living will make a big difference in how the home feels. You can also put living areas in close proximity to each other to create a connected, family-friendly zone.

Let there be light

One of the great potential benefits of having a sloping block is the opportunity for more light. Take advantage and look to incorporate not only the maximum amount of windows and skylights, but make sure the light enters where you want it most.

It’s all about the angle

Depending on the gradient of the slope, your builder can suggest a few different designs that are ideal to add a sense of space and a touch of drama to sloping block homes.
A stepped or split-level home is a great way to create distinct zones within your home, such as a private parent’s retreat or a central entertaining area. This type of design also creates a sense of more space as well.

If your block slopes towards the rear and has a fall of three metres or more, have your living, kitchen and dining areas on the top floor to take advantage of views. Bedrooms are perfectly positioned, then, on the lower level.

The great outdoors

Sloping blocks also offer a fantastic opportunity to be creative with your gardening and landscaping! Just like the house itself, different zones can create an exciting and stylish environment.

How can I find out more?

For more information on how to design your brand new home on a sloping block chat to the builders’ sales teams on site at HomeWorld. You’ll also find a few sloping block designs on display for inspiration.

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