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7 ways a spare room can add flexibility to your home

7 ways a spare room can add flexibility to your home

February 6, 2019

Over time as your family grows and lifestyle needs change, your new home will need to be a versatile space. Planning ahead with your HomeWorld builder and adding a spare room to your floorplan can add value while also fulfilling a different purpose with kids living at home longer and evolving cultural needs. Below, we pulled together a few handy ways to use the space, along with reasons why you should consider adding a spare room.

Start it off as a play room

Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, a play room is always a good idea for keeping the kids and their activities in a contained area. Having a separate space where the kids can create games, get busy doing craft and enjoy some free play will make it easier to keep the rest of the home neat and tidy. A play room can also provide a distinct living space – a worthwhile addition for avoiding chaos and keeping the family peace.

Smart study space

As the kids get a little older, and the demands of school work increase, consider adapting the playroom into a study space. A well set-up space with desks, a computer and books can help the kids keep focus and make sure they get through the work they need. Once the kids are in bed, it can also serve as a great place to tackle paying your bills or to finish up extra work from home.

Play host with a private guest room

If your family and friends tend to visit often, put away those blow up mattresses and add a spare room to your new floorplan. This ensures that your overnight guests will have the privacy of their own room, sleeping in comfort, while keeping the rest of the common space within the home neat and tidy.

Turn it into a storage space

In need of a little additional storage? A spare room can be easily turned into a smart storage solution. Consider installing floating shelves and mirrored built in wardrobes to create a seamless storage space, where everything has a place and is easy to find. Whether the room is serving as a second wardrobe for your clothing, shoes and accessories or the perfect spot to keep your surplus sporting goods, it’s sure to add order and reduce clutter in the rest of your home.

Have your parents on call

If you’re thinking about moving your parents into your new home either now or at some point in the future, it’s worth thinking about what features the spare room might need. Chat to your builder about adding an ensuite to the spare room so that the occupants have their own private space complete with their own bathroom separate from the rest of the home.

Gather the family for a home theatre

Why not create a home theatre for a great way to create an entertainment space that is tucked away from the rest of the living spaces? Consider adding a comfortable sofa and reclining chairs, a video projector, surround sound system and a screen to complete your spare room.

Create your own zen space

Whether you’d like to create a prayer room for the family or a calm space for everyone to pursue their own individual pursuits, having a dedicated space to keep your mind in check will never go out of style. Fill the room with what makes you and your family feel calm and encourage everyone to use it for some much needed tranquility.


For more ideas on how to get the most out of your spare room, visit one of our villages today and chat to your builder today about how to get started on your new home.

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